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“My experiences working with Rick have truly been amazing. I didn’t necessarily believe in the world of psychic phenomenon until I met him. I’ve had many readings with Rick, but it has been my 2 past life regressions that have impacted my life significantly. Rick has been an inspirational guide in helping to answer many lingering questions that I wasn’t able to answer on my own. Rick, I always appreciate your candidness & compassion. I sincerely feel honored to have you in my life! Thank you!”

★★★★★ ~ Janelle Moore

“I lost my 17 year old son recently and was desperate to connect with him. The day before my reading with Rick I had a reading with another medium. Although I’m not an easy person to convince I just didn’t feel the connection so then I called Rick he made me an appointment for the next day. All I can say is WOW! Not only do I recommend Rick I will be talking to him again myself.”

★★★★★ ~ Donna Dwyer

“Every reading I have with Rick is outstanding. I am always pleased with how “dead on” he is. Recently I read the book “They’re Not Gone” by A.P. Morris and got answers to a lot of my questions about his gift. He has helped me through many changes in my life and I’m looking forward to being able to call him a lifelong friend. Thank you for everything Rick.”

★★★★★ ~ Suzanne Teter

“Getting a reading from Rick was a great experience! He was dead on, and hit the nail on the head with everything! He picked up on things that no one could have possibly have known! Plus, he has a great sense of humor! I definitely recommend him!”

★★★★★ ~ Laura Chilelli

“Rick is blessed with a gift that brings incredible hope and inspiration into the lives of those who work with him. I worked with Rick as a life coach and psychic medium and it transformed my life. I connected with people from my past that I love but had passed on, and developed tools to change how I live my life in order to manifest a future that is both bountiful and full of joy. Working with Rick is an extremely rewarding experience, and an invaluable investment in yourself.”

★★★★★ ~ Stacey Miller

“I’m very grateful to have been referred to Rick, and have consulted with him several times over the last few years. He is the real deal! He has been spot on every time, and everything has unfolded exactly as he said it would. Amazing! I’m now at another crossroads in my life, and can’t wait for my session on Monday to consult with him again before making a major decision. His gift is a gift to us all. :)”

★★★★★ ~ Kimberly McGinnis

“Rick is a truly gifted professional and coaches with a caring, honest and often humorous approach. Rick’s insight, guidance and friendship have helped me to view my life with a renewed perspective. One of hope, optimism and infinite possibility. Rick is concerned with your entire wellbeing and sincerely wants you to succeed. With Rick’s intuitive assistance, I know that I will. I am now moving forward into a bright future overflowing with abundance in all areas of my life! In Joy!”

★★★★★ ~ M.H.Higgins

“Rick is truly a gifted psychic medium. Sixteen years of pain evaporated when Rick connected my brother and I again. Although I was a skeptic, Rick told me something no one else knew or could have guessed. It completely changed my life and outlook on physical death. I highly recommend Rick and his amazing abilities.”

★★★★★ ~ Amy Butler

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