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Spiritual Dust - Ricky Wood


Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach for over 20 years, Ricky explores the world of mediumship and the paranormal. Funny and at times even inspirational!
Join us weekly to explore this strange new Dimensional Shift.




RSS Spiritual Dust

  • Spiritual Attachments May 17, 2024
    An episode where Ricky is interviewed on the “oh It’s Thea!” Podcast! The topic of spiritual attachments is discussed!Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Divination Rods with Dawn Hoffman and Psychic Ricky Wood May 13, 2024
    Talking about using divination rods.. I left in the garbled section in when we ask spirit any question! Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • "They're not Gone" interview with Greta Reimann May 6, 2024
    Great discussion with Greta and friends on her experiences with mediumship Her interview with author A.P. Morris and her "interesting/; time with yours truly. Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Pilates and Spirituality May 1, 2024
    LIVE from The Social in West Chester! A great discussion on the world of Pilates and our connection to spirit1Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • A chat with the Mendenhalls. December 23, 2023
    A little Chester County history in a haunted restaurant.Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Real estate Some interior design and dealing with rejection.. December 12, 2023
    A nice chat with Tiffany DiRocco about her desire to succeed in this crazy market and staying above it all.Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Interview with Joe Staffieri December 6, 2023
    Geart conversation with Tribute Artist (Johnny Cash) great Philly conversations  Don Mooire of The Social sits in.Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Reiki Episode with Susanna Giering November 14, 2023
    Discussion on Reiki healing with Susanna Giering Reiki Practioner a great show at the Social Restaurant in West Chester! Rick and Susanna talk about reiki energy healing benefits and why she uses it on a daily basis.Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • John Cairo Interview October 26, 2023
    A great discussion with former Bethel Chief John Cairo on intuition and law enforcement Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.
  • Akashic Records with Allison Prettyman October 13, 2023
    A wonderful chat with Allison on the Akashic realm.Hosted by Ausha. See for more information.


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