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    Ever Wish You Could Join A Live Ghost Hunt? Now You Can!

    Tag Along with Real Ghost Hunters Through Perkiomen Paranormal Live!

    Collegeville, Pennsylvania – November 28, 2011 – Perkiomen Paranormal, a local ghost hunting group, is now offering live streaming through livestream.com, Facebook and Twitter, as well as live chat to viewers during all of their ghost hunting expeditions.

    Wanting to make these explorations ‘real’ and a truly interactive experience, Perkiomen Paranormal has decided to start live streaming all of their investigations so that anyone, anywhere can join them and see what is happening right along with them.  No need to wait until a producer cuts everything into an hour show.  What is more thrilling than being part of a hunt as it happens?


    Perkiomen Paranormal investigators: Mike, Amy, Shane, Rick & Caesar have joined forces to find never before documented hauntings in the Philadelphia & surrounding areas. Each member comes from a different type of experiential background, but one common theme brought them together – finding and documenting ghost activity.


    Uninterested in the ‘popular’ and overly visited attractions, they seek to break new ground by investigating the large amount of untapped ghost activity in this richly historical area.


    For all the fans of the popular ghost hunting shows on TV, here is your chance to get behind the scenes and become a part of a real life ghost hunt!

    If you have experienced any signs of hauntings and are interested in having your public or private residence investigated, feel free to contact Perkiomen Paranormal.


    Find out when their next investigation is and join them live by going here.


    Visit us online at www.perkiomenparanormal.com.

    Email:  Mike at perkiomenparanormal@gmail.com


    Phone: 484-961-0722