• 6 Ways Spirits Try to Communicate with You Directly!

  • Working professionally as a Psychic Medium for over ten years has taught me just how important and life-changing a reconnection with a loved one can be.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to help clients every day reconnect with loved ones that have passed over.

    If you are unfamiliar with mediumship or want to hear about a few of these reconnections, they have been documented in They’re Not Gone by A.P. Morris. (Available on Amazon.com)     

    Generally, psychic medium’s ability to relay messages from a spirit to a person is either something they were born with or developed after some type of near death experience. I’m sure many of those who have experienced a mediumship session would attest to the fact that they probably would have been unable to receive the same messages on their own.

    However, every person has the ability to receive messages from their loved ones from the spirit world. Recognizing these subtle signs can be easy to miss.  But if you become more aware of yourself and really pay attention, you may be surprised at the many messages being sent your way that you just weren’t aware of.

    Here are 6 common ways spirits try to communicate with us:

    1. Music – Most of us love music.  It brings us joy, reminds us of people or memories, and for the most part evokes emotion within us. Have you ever found yourself thinking of a deceased loved one and suddenly the music seems to get louder, although no one has turned it up?  Have you ever been driving in your car and felt down or worried about something and a song came on and the lyrics seemed to fit you and your current situation to a tee?  So the next time your loved one’s favorite song comes on, turn it up, roll the windows down, and sing along.  They will be singing with you.

    2. Goose bumps – The ones when it isn’t cold out and you’re not sick.  When you are listening to someone and what they say seems to ring so true…that you get goose bumps on your arms or the back of your neck? It may be a loved one nudging you to pay and attention.  

    3. WordsEven if you aren’t a psychic medium, there may be times when a loved one or guide wants to help you so much you may hear an actual word. Not from another living person near you, but just a simple quiet yes or no, left or right, when you are faced with a question you are having trouble with.

    4. PeopleSometimes, more times than you could probably imagine, people even total strangers cross your path to help you out. It could be a smile on a rough day, words or comfort or guidance when you least expect it, or people coming into your life for a short time, yet you feel as if you’ve known them your whole life.  These may seem random, but a lot of the time these are all messages to help you.

    You might have even done this for someone else without realizing it.  Have you ever, even when you didn’t mean or even want to, did or said something to a total stranger?  A kind act, a smile, or a few words that you aren’t sure where they came from, could be your way of giving to others by allowing yourself to be a message vehicle.

    5. AnimalsSigns from nature are another great way to ‘get’ messages from loved ones. Were you ever thinking about a loved one (who just so happened to love blue jays) and you saw a blue jay in your yard? (Which is rare where you live.)  Were you ever struggling with something and a butterfly landed on you? (Which just happened to be your mom’s favorite.)  These and so many more are subtle messages to you that you are not alone.  

    6.     ElectronicsWhether it is through your TV, computer, or phone, loved ones can be sending you messages. Were you ever watching a show and something your loved one used to say to you was said? (And it seemed that at that moment the volume went up higher) Have you ever meant to call someone, yet your phone accidentally dialed someone else?  Did you ever happen upon something you had been searching for while online looking at something completely different?  Spirits often use electronics to help them get their message to you.

    Loved ones want to help guide you through living the best life possible. At the very least, they want you to know, they’re not gone, you are not alone, and that they love you.  Why not slow down, listen, and catch those messages?

    Psychic Medium & Intuitive Life Coach,

    Ricky Wood