• Understanding the Emotion of Fear.

  • So hard to answer future’s riddlegl
    When ahead is seeming so far behind
    So hard to laugh a child-like giggle
    When the tears start to torture my mind
    So hard to shed the life of before
    To let my soul automatically soar

    “Long Promised Road”- The Beach Boys

    FEAR. The emotion that tears down our momentum. Makes us ill. It can rule our lives. Fear and its bastard cousin WORRY , have leeched my creativity like a ShamWow on a counter spill. When this happens I slow  my pace,talk to a friend, or watch something inspirational.

    When I do this, I realize that my fear is a bold faced liar. It tells me I won’t have enough. I won’t love enough. I can’t live enough. My soul which runs on high octane faith, lets me know to quiet down . That solutions are already available. That tomorrow is a brand new day.

    “That in every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” (Thank you Deepak and Facebook for that inspiring quote)
    Today I will jump into this sea of choice. Heck,it might even be fun!