• A Garbage Dump Twice the Size of Texas…In the Ocean!?

  • Don’t go near the waterocean-trash-jj-001
    Don’t you think it’s sad
    What’s happened to the water
    Our water’s going bad

    Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
    Have all been touched by man
    The poison floating out to sea
    Now threatens life on land

    Don’t go near the water
    Ain’t it sad
    What’s happened to the water

    It’s going bad

    “Don’t Go Near the Water” – The Beach Boys

    When I walk along the beach, I will find a plastic bottle or bag  floating to shore. I think to myself ,” What amazing fleshbag dumped this into water?”. It never occurred to me that certain ocean currents have all this plastic trash gathering in areas of the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas. Some of the trash is found floating in an area of water called the North Pacific Gyre . The currents can hold all this garbage for years!


    Most of this garbage is plastic and breaks down slowly, making the water have a “snowglobe” appearance. Ever wonder what happens to the fish when they eat it and what happens to you when you ingest that Filet O Fish?